About WeAreVoid. 

It started of as a simple desire from a personal stand point. Better and more affordable hosting. Which in turn should be scalable. We partnered up with market leader suppliers in data center space and hardware. Offering you just that what we were missing. Welcome. 

Domain name registration

First things first. Claiming your name. All the popular extensions are supported. Click here to find out if your future projects name is still available.

If you already have a name you can of course just select one of our hosting packages and point your name to your new server.


That name is yours! Let's activate it. All our plans run on SSD storage. Our basic plan comes with 20GB and is located on a grid. Meaning you share the machine with others. Adding 1TB monthly bandwidth and you are good to go. Create up to a 1000 email addresses. Host up to 100 websites. Easy FTP and MYSQL access through your Cpanel dashboard. Starting at $20/mo. Click here to compare hosting plans.